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The warranty period for forklift J series’ main components is 3 years or 4,000 hours, whichever is earlier.

Warranty covers:

The warranty period starts from the day when the forklift is delivered to the first user and ends on warranty period’s last day.

  • Engine parts (engine block, cylinder lid, crank shaft, flywheel)
  • Transmission parts (housing, gears)
  • Drive axle (axle housing, half axle)
  • Steering axle (steering axle), fork, chain, mast, frame, lift bracket.

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Spare Parts

We stock genuine spare parts for your forklift, so you are assured of fitting the same quality with those applied in production. The perfect match with the vehicle helps maintain the outstanding performance of spare parts. Regular maintenance of your forklift will extend the service life of your forklift.

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We supply all the parts you need and more:
a. Filters (including engine oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, hydraulic oil filter, etc.),
b. Sealing elements (including cylinder seals, axle seals, steering axle seals, etc.),
c. Bearings (drive axle bearings, steering axle bearings, etc.),
d. Other wearing parts (brake shoe, hydraulic clutch plates, etc.)

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We can attend to all your forklift maintenance requirements in our large service center in Baldoyle.

Our highly qualified technicians are available to also attend to all your commercial vehicle servicing and maintenance requirements, minor and major repairs, body repairs and much more.

So whether you operate a forklift, small van, heavy truck or bus in your business, we provide you with the complete support to keep your vehicles safe and on the road.

Tap here to visit our Service Centre  or contact us on 01 832 1316