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Electric Vehicle Repairs



  • Electric Vehicle Repairs

    As suppliers of Ireland’s first electric truck in 2009 to Grange Builders Providers, we have increased the level of our service to offer you the specialised support required to service & maintain your electric commercial vehicles.

    Our certified EV technicians are duly qualified to attend to all of the following.

    • Specialists for Electric Vehicle Maintenance & Repairs
    • Certified to diagnose faults and repairs
    • High voltage leak and insulation testing
    • Valence Battery module testing and replacement
    • Enova inverter testing and replacement
    • Enova charge and drive system testing and repairs
    • Mes Dea testing and reprogramming
    • Electric motor testing and replacement for steering and compressors  units
    • EDN Charger Systems
    • Bursa Charger Systems    .
    • Alki Electric Vehicles – Fiat Micro-vett Electric Vehicles  and JAC Electric forklifts
    • Li-ion Batteries

    So whether it’s a large electric truck or a small electric car or van, you can be assured that when you contact us to book your electric vehicles in for repair, our electrical technicians will attend to your vehicles efficiently & effectively.

    Discover more about our vehicle maintenance and support services.  Tap here to visit our Service Centre!

    Contact us on 01 8321316 to book your electric vehicle in for it’s next maintenance or service schedule or send us an enquiry now and we’ll be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

  • Looking to recharge your electric vehicles?

  • There are an abundant of locations throughout Ireland where you can now recharge your electric vehicles.