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Reduce Your Operating Costs with Dublin Truck Rentals

Why buy vehicles for short-term use when you can hire them instead?

There are numerous situations where an Irish business might have a need for an additional truck, van, or even heavier pieces of equipment such as forklifts.  Most of the time, there is no reason to purchase these vehicles outright, not unless your business is expanding, and you know you will have constant work for them.  Hiring these vehicles from a reputable and experienced Dublin truck rental company will get the job done for far less money.

Here are just a few ways that hiring trucks can improve your bottom line.

Four Big Benefits from Using a Dublin Truck Rental

1. Low up-front costs

The obvious benefit is also the biggest: hiring a truck, van, or another piece of machinery is less costly than purchasing the same equipment.  You get access to the exact vehicle you need, but at a price that won’t require you to take out a bank loan.

2. No ongoing maintenance costs

Large vehicles are a drag on a business, considering how much they cost to maintain.  There are the repairs, the road tax, the annual testing, breakdowns, and more.  The total cost of ownership on a vehicle is always considerable while renting a vehicle avoids these costs and trouble.

3. Rapid response in emergencies

What happens if a van breaks down in the middle of a delivery?  Or you have a sudden rush of new business? In most cases, you can hire a replacement vehicle on the same day, possibly even within just a couple of hours.

That sort of rapid response is what can preserve business relationships and establish your operation as one which knows how to overcome adversity.

4. You choose the time period

With a fixed weekly or monthly hire rate, that includes servicing, testing, road tax and more, you can concentrate on your core business while we look after the vehicle. For your longer term needs, we can modify vehicles to suit your specific rental requirements.

5. The right vehicle for the right job, every time

No truck is ever omni-purpose.  They always have their specialties, which can become inconvenient if you’re asking a particular truck to do something it was not designed for.  However, when you have a good working relationship with a high-quality Dublin truck rental company, they can ensure you can run the right vehicle every time, at affordable costs.

Let PC Commercials Help

For over thirty years, PC Commercials has provided Dublin and surrounding areas with the best in commercial vehicle sales and rentals.  We carry trucks, vans, forklifts, tow trucks, flatbeds & tippers with mounted crane, tractors and more.

The next time you need a vehicle, give us a ring!