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Hire Terms & Conditions

These Terms apply to the hire of all vehicles by Glimbay Ltd t/a PC Commercials (company number 500525 (Ireland) (“we”, “us” or “our”) to any customer whose details are set out on the Account Application Form, Hire Agreement or Booking Confirmation (as applicable) (“you” or “your”).

By signing a Hire Agreement, Account Application Form or confirming digitally by email (as applicable) and/or allowing us to hire a vehicle to you, you acknowledge and agree that you shall be bound by these Terms.

  1. In this Agreement the following terms shall have the meanings hereby respectively assigned to them:

“Lessor” refers to Glimbay Ltd t/a PC Commercials   

“Hirer” refers to the person or company named as such, who hires the vehicle from the Lessor which shall, when the context so admits, include the driver  of the vehicle.     

“Vehicle” refers to the original vehicle described in the rental agreement or any replacement vehicle under this agreement together with the spare wheel, tools and any other accessories supplied with the vehicle.

“Rental Period” refers to the period from the date and time out stated overleaf until the vehicle is off hire in accordance with clause 13

“Rental Charge” refers to the hire charges for the rental period calculated in accordance with the Lessor’s current tariff, or such other rate agreed between the parties in writing.

2. The Hirer acknowledges that the vehicle is fit for his purpose and is in good condition and undertakes to return it, and its accessories in the same condition, fair wear and tear excepted, to the place, and on the date due back, if specified, overleaf.

3. During the rental period the Hirer shall keep the vehicle and its accessories in his/her possession and free from legal process or lien and when not in use adequately protected and secured.

4.         During the rental period, the Hirer shall:

A)        Check daily engine oil level, water level in radiator, washers and wipers, lights, wheel nuts and brake fluid level;

B)        At Lessor’s reasonable request, make the vehicle available for inspection, service or repair work;

If the Hirer is in breach of conditions 4(A) or 4(B), then the Hirer shall indemnify against all loss or damage whatsoever thereby arising.

5.         The Hirer shall ensure that the vehicle will not be used:

            A)        for the carriage of passengers for hire or reward;

            B)        for any illegal purpose or in contravention of any legalisation affecting the vehicle, its use or construction;

C)        to propel or tow any other vehicle or trailer without the written permission of  Lessor;

            D)        outside of the Republic of Ireland without express agreement of the Lessor.

6.         A)        The Hirer acknowledges that the vehicle has been hired subject to the Hirer arranging for a fully comprehensive policy of insurance to be in force throughout the entire period of the hire, ensuring that the Lessor is noted on the policy and the Lessor receives confirmation of cover in writing from the Hirers insurance company.

            B)        If the Hirer is in breach of condition 6(A) then the Hirer shall indemnify the Lessor against all injury, loss and damage whatsoever or howsoever arising.

7.         The Hirer agrees to pay on demand:

A) rental charges;

B) any appropriate mileage charge and any other charges at the rates referred to in this Agreement or from time to time in force;

C)        the full cost of uninsured damage to, or loss of the vehicle; 

D)        any amount in which the Hirer is required to indemnify the Lessor pursuant of the terms of this Agreement.

8.       The Hirer shall:

A)        inform the Lessor immediately of any loss or damage to or fault developing in  the vehicle;

B) at the request and cost of the Lessor permit to be done (if necessary in the Hirers name) including, but without limitation;

i) all acts and things as may be reasonably required by the Lessor for the purpose of repairing the vehicle;

ii)  enforcing any rights or remedies against or obtaining relief from other parties;       

C)        indemnify the Lessor against any loss or damage; 

i) incurred by reason of any breach of this Agreement by the Hirer;

ii) which is not covered by the contract of insurance on the vehicle; 

iii) arising from the loss of or damage to any property left stored or transported in or upon the vehicle.

9.       A)           The Hirer shall immediately reported any accident to An Garda Siochana (Police) and to the Lessor, and deliver to the Lessor every document of any kind received by the Hirer relating to any claim connected with an accident or event involving the vehicle;

B)           The Hirer shall not aid or abet any claim against the Lessor in investigating and defending any claim.           

10.     The Hirer acknowledges that it shall not:

A)        without prior written consent of the Lessor incur any liability for repairs to the vehicle in excess of 25 Euro;

B)        be the agent or servant of the Lessor for any purpose or make himself/herself out as being such; 

C) make any claim against the Lessor for loss of or damage to any property left stored or transported in or upon the vehicle unless caused by negligence of the Lessor.

11.     The Hirer shall be liable as owner of the vehicle in respect of:

A)        any offence which may be committed with respect to that vehicle when it is stationary and when a fixed penalty notice is issued;

B)        any excess charge which may be incurred under Road traffic and Local Government Legislation;

C)        any charges made by Customs & Excise as a result of seizure of the vehicle by them together with a loss of income charge whilst the vehicle is unavailable for rental.

12.     The Hirer accepts liability for any penalty charges which may be incurred whilst the vehicle remains on hire and agrees to indemnify the Lessor against any claims which may be made against them.

A)        The vehicle will remain on hire to the Hirer until the off hire procedure has been completed; 

B)        the vehicle will be deemed to be off hire for insurance purposes when it is delivered into the possession of the Lessor during normal business hours, the keys of the vehicle have been handed to a duly authorised staff member of the Lessor and the hire agreement has been signed off by the Hirer. 

Note:  The return of the vehicle to the Lessor’s premises outside normal business hours does not constitute the off hiring of the vehicle.           

C)        the vehicle will remain at the risk of the Hirer until it has been off  hired and the Hirer should ensure that the insurance remains in force, failing which the Hirer may be personally liable for any loss or damage which occurs; 

D) notwithstanding the above sub clauses A), B), C), the Lessor acknowledges that it will cease to levy hire charges for the vehicle at 5.00pm on the day upon which the Hirer notifies the Lessor that the Hirer wishes the hire to cease, provided always that the vehicle is delivered into the possession of the Lessor and taken off hire by 9.30am on the following day upon which the Lessor shall be open for business.

13.       The Lessor may demand return of the vehicle at any time and if in the Lessor’s reasonable judgement such demand might not be complied with, the Lessor’s may repossess the vehicle and terminate this Hire Agreement without any liability for any loss or damage which the Hirer may sustain as a result of such demand and termination or repossession.

14.       In the event of the vehicle being returned or collected in a damaged condition, the rental charge will continue until such time as the vehicle is repaired and returned to a rentable condition.        

Should the vehicle be deemed to be beyond economical repair, or stolen and not recovered, the hire charge will continue until settlement in full is received.

15.       A)        The Hirer is responsible for any damage caused to tyres and tubes (fair wear and tear excepted) ;  

B)        The Hirer is responsible for breakages to windscreens and windows; 

C)        The Hirer shall have exclusive possession, use and control of the vehicle for the duration of the Agreement and the Hirer shall assume exclusive responsibility to the public and any regulatory body having jurisdiction.  

D)        The Hirer undertakes to drive and use the vehicle in a skillful and careful manner at all times.

16.       The Lessor shall be liable to the Hirer for direct loss only as herein provided.  It is agreed and acknowledged by the Hirer that the Lessor shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss whatsoever, howsoever arising. 

Nothing in these terms and conditions shall be deemed to exclude or restrict the Lessor’s liability for death or personal injury resulting from negligence or other liability of the Lessor which cannot be excluded as a matter of law.

17.       This Agreement and the hiring thereunder will terminate ipso facto and immediately if a petition to wind up the Lessor or appoint an Administrator of the Lessor is presented to a court or if the Lessor passes a resolution for voluntary liquidation (except for the process of amalgamation or reconstruction) or if a Receiver or Receiver and Manager is appointed with respect to any of the assets of the Lessor and upon such termination as aforesaid the Hirer will immediately return the vehicle to the Lessor or its duly appointed agent for the return of the vehicle at such place as the Lessor may have appointed.

18.       Any conditions to or alteration to the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be null and void unless agreed upon in writing by the parties.

19.       This Agreement and any act or contract to which it relates and any disputes which may arise out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Ireland and shall fall within the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Ireland.


All truck hire payments are due in advance of collection plus a deposit.

If you choose to cancel your booking the following cancellation policy will apply

  • Cancellation with one week’s notice or more – no charge
  • Cancellation within 3 days notice – 15% of daily hire rate plus vat
  • Cancellation with 24 hours notice – 1 day’s hire charge plus vat


You must supply your own comprehensive insurance cover for vehicle hire.

We do not provide insurance cover.

We will require an email from your insurers confirming comprehensive cover is in place on our vehicle for the duration of rental.

Cover must also note our interest.

If hire is extended by you, the onus is upon you to contact your insurers and extend cover to ensure our vehicle is continually covered by insurance for the duration of hire.

You must also ensure that your insurance company or broker send us further confirmation by email.  We hold this on file with the rental agreement.

Vehicles are hired expressly on the condition that you have arranged a policy of fully comprehensive insurance to be in force throughout the entire period of rental.  Your attention is directed towards Clause 6, in our Terms & Conditions above, on the contractual position which will exist throughout the hire period. 

As hirer and authorised signatory, you acknowledge upon signing our Hire Agreement that these insurance conditions have been drawn to your attention by email and/or verbally and that you are accordingly responsible for arranging insurance.


The Hirer is responsible for all of the following while the vehicle is on hire.

i) Any fixed penalty notice or offence for all parking fines, speeding fines, toll charges and as defined in the Road Traffic Act 2010 (or as amended, replaced or revised by subsequent legislation).

ii) Any excess parking charges which may be incurred in respect of the vehicle under an order made under the Road Traffic Act 2010 (as amended, replaced or revised by subsequent legislation ) whether payable under such order or Act.

iii) Any liability arising under any Toll Charging order.

iv) Any charges made by Customs & Excise as a result of seizure of the vehicle by them together with any loss sustained by the Lessor in consequence thereof.

The Lessor will levy an administration charge of €15 additional to any costs that relate if the Hirer fails to settle any charges or penalties relating to the vehicle which are incurred during the period of hire where the Lessor is pursued for surcharges or penalties.


As per Clauses 14 & 15 above, the Hirer is responsible for any damage to the vehicle during the hire period.

Upon collection of the vehicle at commencement of hire, the Hirer or the authorised representative of the Hirer, accepts that everything noted on the Hire Agreement, including the operational checks are a true representation of the vehicle and its accessories.  The Hirer is responsible for checking over the vehicle with the Lessor to accept and confirm that there is no other defect or extra damage other than what is noted and shown upon signing the Hire Agreement at commencement of hire. The Hirer further accepts that if the vehicle is returned with less fuel or any new damage, other than what is noted on the Hire Agreement (and images taken), that the Hirer will be charged for any difference.

Upon return of the vehicle after hire, the Hirer or the authorised representative of the Hirer, signs the vehicle back in with the Lessor. Any checked in details including fuel, mileage, any newly noted damage and its accessories upon return check in if applicable will be chargeable to the Hirer. The Hirer accepts that where there are any differences noted other than what is marked on the check out of this vehicle on reverse page, that the Hirer is subject to charges for any differences.


Payment for hire is required in advance plus a deposit. The deposit remains in place until the vehicle returns. The deposit is fully refundable once the vehicle returns in the same condition with a full tank of fuel, with tolls and any other related costs already settled in full.

Extensions of hire beyond the initial hire period are also payable in advance.

The minimum deposit required is €300 and applicable for daily hire. Other deposits will be dependent on vehicle type and term of hire as follows..

Vehicles hired on a weekly basis will be subject to a deposit of 1 weeks’ hire.

Hires based on a monthly basis will require a deposit of 1 month’s hire.

All deposits are in addition to the hire cost and are required in advance.

Payment for truck & van rental is accepted by credit/debit card or bank transfer. We accept Visa, MasterCard & Visa Debit. Payment by credit card can be made over the phone or in person upon collection.

Please note that if the credit/debit card is not in your name but is in the name of a family member, friend or work colleague, they must be also present upon collection of the vehicle to authorise payment against the hire, and they must also produce their own photo ID, i.e. driving licence or passport.

Payments can also be made by bank transfer. If bank transfer is preferred, our bank details will be noted on our invoice and emailed to you in advance of your collection date.

Vehicles cannot be released until payment of our invoice is received prior to or upon collection. Please contact us on 01 8321316 to discuss further.


We will confirm hire booking details to you by email in advance of the collection date. This email will confirm the vehicle details so you can add to your insurance and will also request that we receive email confirmation from your broker prior to collection. Full comprehensive cover is required and our interested must also be noted.

Upon collection, the following is required:

  • Your full drivers’ licence for the category vehicle you are hiring.  Licences with endorsements and provisional licences are not accepted. We will need to take a copy of this for our records.
  • Two forms of identification – photo ID i.e. driving licence, and ID that confirms your home/business address, e.g. utility bill, bank statement etc. We will need to take copies of these for our records.
  • Alternatively email confirmation of your booking from your business address and including your company letterhead.
  • Credit/debit card in your own name for advance payment of rental and deposit (unless already received by bank transfer or paid by card over the phone).  Please note that if the credit/debit card is not in your name but is in the name of a family member, friend or work colleague, they must be also present upon collection of the vehicle to authorise payment against the hire, and they must also produce their own photo ID, i.e. driving licence or passport
  • Confirmation of comprehensive insurance from your broker/insurance company, noting our interest (if not already sent to us by email).  
  • Please note that vehicles cannot be released until we receive confirmation of cover on our vehicle by email from your insurance company or broker.


Vehicles hired may only be used within the island of Ireland. Vehicles are not permitted to be taken out of the country unless agreed in writing with us, prior to the hire collection date and the appropriate additional insurance required confirmed prior to usage. Note that where any vehicle is taken out of the country without prior consent with assurances received, the hire deposit will be non refundable plus additional charges may also apply.


Full Irish / EU driving licence is required for all vehicle hire. Provisional licences are not accepted. The following licences are applicable per vehicle category:

B’ licence – covers you to drive any van under 3.5 ton GVW (gross vehicle weight).

‘C1’ licence – for vehicle categories over 3.5 ton and up to 7.5 ton GVW.

‘C’ licence – required for any vehicle over 7.5 ton GVW

A full and valid drivers’ licence is required for all truck & van rental, and must be produced upon collection of a vehicle.