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Five Critical Questions to Answer Before Hiring A Forklift in Dublin

As your business grows, it is inevitable that it will have some need for heavy lifting – exactly the job forklifts are for.  However, forklifts are expensive pieces of machinery and require considerable upkeep.  In many cases, looking for a forklift hire in Dublin makes a lot more sense than purchasing any equipment.

A well-planned forklift rental can meet your needs, at a fraction of the cost.  For things to work out, you just need to ask a few questions beforehand to ensure you get the right equipment for the job.

What You Need to Know to Make the Most of Your Dublin Forklift Rental

1. Who on your staff is qualified to operate it?

Forklifts are not terribly complicated machines, but they cannot be safely operated by newcomers. Proper training and licensing are required for legal operation, whether in public or on private property.  Be sure that there’s someone capable of operating your forklift before you rent!

2. What are your weight and height requirements?

These are critical pieces of information, for your Dublin forklift rental company to be able to provide you with appropriate equipment.  Think carefully about the job requirements, and your plan for using the forklift, and determine what height and weight parameters are called for, the more precise your figures, the better.  

3. Indoors or out?

Another critical factor in determining the best forklift for your operation will be where it’s been operated.  Will it be working indoors, or outside?  If outside, will it be going off-road or sticking to the tarmac?  Be sure to specify this, otherwise, you could easily damage the hired forklift by taking it onto surfaces it was not meant for.

4. Do you need custom accessories, colours, or other modifications?

When renting a forklift long-term, you can often work out an arrangement with the forklift rental company to modify it from its stock configuration.  This might be as simple as adding safety features or an extra light bar, or you could get more extensive modifications – such as repainting the forklift to match your company colours.

5. Who should you hire from?

You want a Dublin forklift rental company which has experience working with these machines, so you can be certain they provide you with the best possible machinery for your needs.  To benefit from this experience, please contact PC Commercials and discuss your needs.