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Electric Vehicle Service

Electric Vehicle Technical Specialists

Our highly trained electric vehicle technicians are available to maintain your electric vehicles.

  • Specialists for Electric Vehicle Maintenance & Repairs
  • Certified to diagnose faults and repairs
  • High voltage leak and insulation testing
  • Valence Battery module testing and replacement
  • Enova inverter testing and replacement

  • Enova charge and drive system testing and repairs
  • Mes Dea testing and reprogramming
  • Electric motor testing and replacement for steering and compressors  units
  • EDN Charger Systems
  • Bursa Charger Systems    .
  • Alki Electric Vehicles – Fiat Micro-vett Electric Vehicles  and JAC Electric forklifts
  • Li-ion Batteries

Together with our practical support and back up, you can be assured that we will meet your electric vehicle maintenance needs.  For more information or to book and discuss your requirements contact our AVIA & Electric Vehicles Service Manager, Terry Pantrey on 01 832 1316 or 087 4185173