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  • Commercial Vehicle Hire for All Business Needs

    Extra deliveries, new business?

    As Ireland’s number one supplier of specialist commercial vehicles, meeting both distribution and construction delivery needs, we have the selection to suit your business.

    Hiring a vehicle is the perfect solution to meet your seasonal demands, replacement vehicle needs or longer term commitments.

    Our large choice of vehicles includes:

    Check Availability Here

    With competitive rates for daily, weekly or longer term hire, we have the commercial vehicle to suit all businesses.

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  • Commercial Vehicle Hiring:

    Hiring a commercial vehicle saves so many of those hidden costs associated with the ownership of vehicles. E.G. finance costs + servicing costs + vehicle testing costs + road tax costs + breakdown costs + tyres + replacement van costs = extra €€€’s!

    Save these additional costs and hire from us. With a fixed weekly or monthly hire rate, that includes servicing, testing, road tax and more, you can concentrate on your core business while we look after the vehicle*.

    For your longer term needs, we can modify vehicles to suit your specific rental requirements.

    Any colour you like – we tailor our vehicles to suit your business colours when you choose a long term hire contract with us.  So whether it’s new curtains, vehicle graphics or vehicle painting, we can arrange it all.  Maybe it’s a vehicle with tow bar, roof rack, beacon and/or shelving!  We can arrange all of this also.

    Just call us and tell us what you need, we’re here to help and we’ll be delighted to quote to meet the specifications you need for your business.


    Increase your visibility … advertise your business on your hire vehicle!

    Why advertise someone else’s business?  So many hire companies provide a vehicle advertising their business.  We don’t!  When you hire from us we provide an unmarked vehicle, giving you the opportunity to advertise your business on it for the duration of your hire with us.*  After all, it is for the transportation of your goods!


    For quality vehicles at competitive rates, contact Mark Donnelly on 087 2077633 or email your requirements to mark@pccommercials.ie and we’ll be pleased to assist.

    *Terms & Conditions Apply.  Have a question?  Check our frequently asked questions here!

    Our expert team is at hand to help, discuss and arrange as required. If you’re not sure what size of vehicle you need, contact us, we can guide you! Tap on the link below to send us your details or contact us on 01 832 1316

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  • Terms and Conditions Apply

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    Did you know, we can also service and maintain your commercial vehicles?
    Please tap here, if you operate your own commercial vehicles and discover more about our other services!