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JAC Forklifts

logoAbout JAC
JAC Heavy-duty Construction Machine is a subsidiary company of JAC Motor Group-one of Top 500 Enterprises in China. Starting business in 2003, currently, JAC is developing rapidly, with annual growth rate of sales volume up to 50%.

Our products can be classified into 15 series, and are available in over 400 varieties, including 1- 25T diesel forklift, 1-5T electric forklift, and 1-3.5T gasoline and LPG forklift. Apart from that, we can also manufacture warehouse equipment such as 1-2T electric tow tractor, stacker, electric pallet truck, and so on.

14_4_diesel-forklift_01Diesel Forklift
When you work outside with your forklift truck, you may need much power for lifting. A JAC diesel forklift will be your right choice.  The Chinese diesel forklift manufacturer offers two series of forklift trucks: J series and S series. According to their load capacities, our forklifts are classified into 1-3.5T diesel forklift and 4-10T diesel forklift.

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Gasoline LPG Forklift
As a forklift truck manufacturer in China, JAC provide two series of gasoline LPG forklifts, which are J series and S series. These forklifts are powered by gasoline or LPG.  LPG is a clean burning fuel, which means there is less wear caused to the components like the spark plugs, thus making LPG forklift trucks easier to maintain.


16_8-electric-forklift_02Electric Forklift
Electric forklifts are powered by electric motors, and operate via robust traction batteries with a long service life. Using an electric forklift, you have no need to worry about the noise and exhaust gas pollution. As people attach importance to environmental protection, electric forklift are gradually replacing the internal combustion forklifts.

Reach Truck


Reach Truck
The reach forklift truck is designed with advanced AC control system which eliminates the demand for replacement of motor brushes, and also comes an intelligent regenerative brake system.




Electric StackerElectric Stacker
The replacement and maintenance of the storage battery can be completed easily, since the side gate and the storage battery cover of the AC electric stacker can be fully opened.

For more information or a quotation to meet your requirements, please contact Peter Costello on 087 2554462.

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