Brake Disc Skimming

Barek Disc Skimming


To assist you in reducing your brake replacement costs, and enable you increase the life of your brake pads, we now provide a Brake Disc Skimming Service!

Increase your brake pad life by up to 40%!

> New pads on worn discs = uneven wear, hot spots, the start of cracking and shortened life
> New pads on resurfaced discs = even wear
> Resurfaced discs = elimination of brake vibration and noise

Brake Disc Skimming

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Why re-align / skim discs?

Skimming Brake discs should be carried out when:

Brake pads are changed but new discs are not necessary

  • There is brake vibration due to disc thickness variation (DTV) or run-out
  • Discs are corroded
  • Noise or Squeal needs to be eliminated
  • To increase brake efficiency for the CVR test, especially important on HGV’s